„Austrian artists and filmmakers Marina Leblhuber and Jasmina Hirschl were in the Downtown Eastside last year and spent time visiting the community and talking with local artists and residents about their home and their work, resulting in a powerful documentary showing the DTES through the residents’ eyes rather than from the outside looking in. The images and words show the human faces without dwelling on the lived experiences as special hardships. The Festival is showing a rough-cut as Marina and Jasmina continue to work on the final version.“

(Teresa Vandertuin, Heart Of The City Festival 2009)



„With the international media having done such a poor job covering the Downtown Eastside in the lead up to the Olympics, it's encouraging to see two Austrian filmmakers put together such a personal and compassionate portrait of the neighbourhood.Jasmina Hirschl and Marina Leblhuber's Somewhere Else is Here was filmed between December 2008 and April 2009 and lets the people from the neighbourhood tell their own stories in their own voices.The choice to use a Super 8 camera and the clever hand written titles give the film a charming, soft edge that really shows the neighbourhood in a vibrant and calmer light that most people never see it in—and which is in stark contrast to most of the international media's coverage of the DTES."The film intends to provoke a differentiated look as opposed to existing stereotype and prejudices,"say the artists in a statement.“

(Sean Condon, Megaphone Magazine)



AHA-Media filmed the premiere screening of ‚Somewhere Else is Here‘ at the Heart of the City Festival 2011, including a Q&A with Hendik Beune after the screening: